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Jeff Molander

Seeking Alpha Certified Gerson Lehrman Group Top Consulting Honor

Jeff Molander is CEO of Molander & Associates Inc. where he helps clients build business cases for investment in digital advertising and media. He's been advising entrepreneurs, investors, agencies, multi-channel retailers and service marketers on Internet business strategies since 1997. Molander specializes in performance-based Web marketing disciplines and is a Gerson Lehrman Group Leader – distinguishing him as top 5 percentile international Technology & Media consultant. He guides a handful of early stage companies and is an investor and board member of Calgary-based Shopster.com.

Molander cut his performance marketing teeth in 1999 upon joining client, Performics Inc. where he helped found and grow the Web marketing services company. Performics was acquired by DoubleClick for $65 million in 2004 and Google Inc. in 2007.

He is a business blogger (eConsultancy, Shop.org, JeffMolander.com), author, veteran podcaster and a regular, sought-after Web marketing speaker at a variety of trade conferences and academic functions. Molander is regularly published in a variety of news, financial services, advertising and marketing journals including a regular column in Target Marketing magazine. In 2009, he will release two books, Ignorance Economy, an insider’s exposé on digital advertising and media economics and Paying for Performance, an executive pocket guide to digital performance marketing.