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Talkin’ Bout Lead Generation Revolution: LeadPoint.com

by Jeff Molander
November 20, 2006

Where is the lead generation business going?  A fast-growing start-up called LeadPoint.com is aiming to shake things up.  How?  They’re giving just about anyone who can generate a business lead the opportunity to meet up with those needing leads in a seller-buyer exchange.  Think eBay for leads and you’ve got the jist.

What’s the promise?  A better, faster soup-to-nuts experience for everyone by creating a fluid environment where high quality leads are rewarded by the market.  In fact, all levels of lead quality are settled upon by buyers.  In the end this amounts to better pricing of various kinds and quality of business leads.

Per Pettersen (left) is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of LeadPoint.  Does that name sound familiar?  It should as Mr. Petterson served as senior vice president and chief technology officer of Commission Junction, a global online advertising company known as a pioneer in Web affiliate marketing. 

Marc Diana (right) is no stranger to the industry and brings business and corporate development experience from lead generation powerhouse LowerMyBills.com.  In forming LeadPoint he pioneered the patent-pending exchange platform that powers the company—allowing for the buying and selling of leads in a free market environment and, of in turn, ensuring fair-market pricing and fraud protection.  Mr. Diana is no stranger to start-ups either with years of experience in early stage investing at firms like Innovent Group and business development experience for interactive firm iXL.

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