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Leak: Google to Re-Org IBM Style

by Jeff Molander
October 26, 2006

Three of my most credible resources, including DM News’s Giselle Abramovich, are indicating plans for a significant re-organization at Google (Nasdaq: GOOG).  Secondly, Google is positioning to move on the AdSense for Audio front—a move to monetize podcasts and other forms of streaming or “on demand” audio programs via the Web.  Remember their acquisition of dMarc?

On the re-org, says Ms. Abramovich,

“What this means is that there would be one global account director per account, that pulls in resources to sell as needed - PPC (pay-per-click), Print, Radio, Video, Display, etc.”

As of yet nobody can confirm with anyone at Google but the leaks are emanating from Google itself according to all three of my sources. 

One of my most trusted colleagues, who asked to not be identified, suggested “People love Google planned leaks.  My theory is that Google intentionally uses these leaks to gauge industry receptiveness and craft their spin.”

Without doubt this will create tremendous buzz across the blogosphere and, perhaps, beyond (Wall Street?) given the many vocal critics of Google’s rather scatter-shot, from-the-hip product development style and relatively informal corporate structure.  How will the nearly 6,000 employees feel about such a change?  Will it create culture shock on the inside and what about client (advertiser) relationships?  As I see it more organization could offer serious benefits but as companies grow we all know… they tend to be difficult, but not impossible, to turn on a dime (i.e. Microsoft).

AdSense for Audio
In related news via ThreadWatch, Google is demonstrating clear plans to monetize streaming audio (i.e. radio) and, perhaps, “on demand”, downloadable (i.e. podcasting) audio programs.  This would put Google in competition with emerging podcast networks and advertising network plays. 

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