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ThoughtShape of the Week: Joe Stanhope

by Jeff Molander

"It is time to find a new balance in marketing, to bring the pendulum back toward the center.

Marketers can start this process by embracing the fact that analytically led marketing is here to stay. It isn’t a trend and it isn’t an option… But analytics must be married with content, the traditional bastion of marketers. And content has never been more important… Analytics and content are therefore intrinsically linked and cannot function properly without one another… Yet they are often siloed by organizational and technical obstacles. It is no longer sufficient to be good at content and analytics separately. It is time to move marketing to the next level, to bring content and analytics together. It is time for smart content.”

Joe Stanhope
Director of global product marketing
(via Chief Marketer Mag)

October 01, 2008


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