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A ThoughtShaper and My Hero: Doc Searls

by Jeff Molander

Reacting to a Google-ass kissing Business Week article and Yankee Group analyst, Linda Barrabee…

Barrabee: “The day is coming when wireless users will experience nirvana scenarios–mobile ads tied to your individual behavior, what you are doing, and where you are.”

“Here’s my nirvana scenario, Linda

1. No damn advertising at all.  I don’t care how warm and fuzzy Google is, I don’t want to be tracked like an animal and ‘targeted’ with anything, least of all guesswork about what I want, no matter how educated that guesswork is.

2. Tools on my phone that let me tell sellers what I want, and on my terms – and not just on theirs.  Whether that’s a latte two exits up the highway, next restaurant that serves seared ahi, or where I can buy an original metal slinky.

3. I want to be able to notify the market of my shopping or buying intentions without revealing who I am, unless it’s on mutually agreed-upon terms.

Quick: Who wants their cell phone to be a ‘mini marketing machine’? And why would a BusinessWeek reporter even begin to think anybody would want that?

One huge reason we get these endless rah-rah stories framed by Advertising Goodness is that advertising pays the salaries of the writers. There is no ‘Chinese wall’ between advertising and editorial. It may seem like there is, but there isn’t.  Follow the money.”

Doc Searls

October 05, 2007


Emerging Technologies

Interactive Business


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