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ThoughtShapers of the Week: Stephan Spencer, Justin Talerico

by Jeff Molander

“The acquisition of clicks will become less interesting to marketers, and as such, strategies and tactics will change. The harder-to-measure ‘action’ will become central. This could spill over into the SEO industry, where CPC-based organic search solutions like GravityStream and perhaps even ongoing retainer-based SEO consulting packages may over time be priced and/or judged in terms related to CPA.”

Stephan Spencer
Founder and president

“Some marketers think that the best way to get the most out of online marketing is to pay per-conversion.  And if all conversions were equal, that would make sense.  But they’re not all equal.  And it doesn’t make sense.  Because, if you are paying per conversion, your agency or solution is motivated by getting you the most conversions.  Regardless of what they say, that’s what they’re after—sheer numbers.  But sheer numbers aren’t necessarily going to efficiently get you good customers.”

Justin Talerico
Ion Interactive

September 17, 2007


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