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ThoughtShape of the Week: Scott Cleland

by Jeff Molander

“Google arguably enjoys more multi-dimensional dominating efficiencies and network effects of network effects of any company ever—obviously greater than Standard Oil, IBM, AT&T, or Microsoft ever were ever able to achieve in their day.

The five main anti-competitive strategies in Google’s predatory playbook to foreclose competition are…

1. Cartelize most search competitors into financially-dependent ‘partnerships;’
2. Pay website traffic leaders predatory supra competitive fees to lock up traffic share;
3. Buy/co-opt any potential first-mover product/service that could obsolete category’s boundaries;
4. Commoditize search complements to neutralize potential competiton; and
5. Leverage information asymmetry to create entry barriers for competitive platforms.”

Scott Cleland

October 06, 2008


Emerging Technologies

Interactive Business


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