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Choosing an Affiliate Network



You Opted out of AdSense… or Did You?

by Jeff Molander
October 03, 2005

If you’re like me, you buy advertising on Google AdWords and have opted out of having your advertisements displayed across Google’s network of syndicated affiliate partners.  The syndicated product is called AdSense and features less tracking functionality than Google AdWords (i.e. you cannot track your ads to a conversion/desired action such as a purchase or sign-up).  For this, and other reasons I won’t get into here, AdSense simply isn’t of value to me (for an interesting read on pros and cons check Mark Glaser).

Does this mean that my AdWords ads won’t appear on Web pages filled with real or “fake” content?  No, it does not fellow advertisers and this means you too.  Your ads may end up here, here or here just as mine are in the case of Yahoo! Search’s ContentMatch product.

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