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We, the Thoughtshapers, aim to provide more signal and less noise in a world constantly challenged by over-hyped sales speak, clutter and gobbledegook. Which trends, press releases, new technologies, news articles, trade conferences, legal filings, investigations or rumors are worthy of your valuable time? Our diverse, respected team is here to help by filtering out the noise.

Enjoy our fresh commentary, insightful analysis and honest, behind-the-scenes perspectives on business related news and innovations. We discuss - with your participation - what industry trade publications wouldn't dare.

Our Secret Sauce

We aim to provide executive decision-makers with a constant stream of relevant, valuable and actionable insights. We provide this though analysis of industry news, research and occasionally sharing a bit of what we normally might charge for.

Yes, we're giving away a bit of our secret sauce but that's okay. Our end goal is to earn your attention and... perhaps some day... consideration.